8 Extraordinary Channels that help you master your life!

In the video below, I will tell you how your body has distinct channels that tell your story about your: Identity, purpose, confidence, assertion, culture/religion, bonding, conflicts with your mother or father, self-contentment, past trauma, blame, stance and perspective,

[Video] – Acupuncture Point Discussion, Heart 4 Ling Dao

In this video, you will learn more about the psychology of Acupuncture Point Heart 4 – Ling Dao. Being a metal point you will see how it relates to keeping the connection, bond, balance and strength between the fire and metal energies.

Liver Qi – The Ascension of Liver qi

Learn how the simple energetic movement of the Liver energy can affect and influence your mood and physiology and how you can use acupuncture point Liver 14 to help move the liver energy and its ascension for maximum performance.

How to get clients to work with you?

This video shows you a very easy and effective tip you can use to increase the probability of your clients choosing to work with you over your competitors.

How to maximise client conversion?

Clients are only interested in one thing and that is the solutions in your products and services, not your product features. Addressing their core needs will maximise their intention of working with you.

Goal Setting – The Science of Achieving your Goals

In this video you will learn about the neuroscience of setting, implementing and achieving your goals based on understanding human behaviour. You will learn the concepts of why some people achieve massive goals and why some people fail. You will be inspired to believe in your intrinsic powers and your ability¬†to achieve success in your […]

The Power of Enthusiasm in Sales

Posted by Sohial in Business Success on Feb 12, 2014 . In this short video, I discuss the importance of having enthusiasm in everything you do and especially when interacting with your clients. Enthusiasm is about positive energy, courage and confidence and when communicating with your clients in this state, you express a powerful and […]