[Video] – Acupuncture Point Discussion, Heart 4 Ling Dao

In this video, you will learn more about the psychology of Acupuncture Point Heart 4 – Ling Dao. Being a metal point you will see how it relates to keeping the connection, bond, balance and strength between the fire and metal energies.

What’s your time worth to you?

Time management is one aspect of your personal and business life that cannot be under-estimated. It is critical that everyone strives to become better with the use of their time as it affects both personal and business ventures. You can never really win with complete time management but you certainly can strive to become a […]

[Client Conversion Tip] – How to handle client rejections?

Here is a quick, easy and very effective tip on better handling client rejections (clients who do not want to work with you) – and understanding that not everyone will be the right match for you. There are going to be clients who resonate with you and many that will not.

Do you wait for Perfection?

An extremely common discussion I face with some of my students, post-graduates and when I consult for some of my business clients, is the notion of them waiting for everything to be perfect before they act or implement – in other words, to take action.

Psychological buying triggers and how to SELL your services?

Most practitioners are very good at communicating the features of their services (or products) to their clients really well. Perhaps its how you have been taught, or perhaps its what you feel is right. This is a common occurrence in behavioural patterns of many salespeople too – focusing on the features of the service or […]

[Handling Client Objections] – Why should I choose you?

Why should I choose you? What would your answer be if a potential client asked you this question? It can be quite intimidating, over-powering and of course challenging. But this question does not need to be so challenging. In fact, with a competitor in every corner, your prospects have every right to ask you this […]

Why you can achieve anything you put your mind too?

[Mindset Development Tip] – Why you have the ability to achieve anything you put your mind too? The Heart channel (meridian) in Chinese Medicine has 9 Acupuncture points. In Chinese astrology this represents your inner most potential. This means your heart strives to get you to live your life according to your highest values and […]

[Client Conversion Tip] – Your Product VS Customer Experience

Many health practitioners focus a great deal of their attention on the type or modality of service they offer their prospects or current clients. Although this should be the case, what practitioners often forget is the overall EXPERIENCE of the client. You can be great at what you do, but if you lack an in […]

How to get clients to work with you?

This video shows you a very easy and effective tip you can use to increase the probability of your clients choosing to work with you over your competitors.