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For millennia, humans have been passing down folk traditions and medicinal knowledge from one generation to the next. These traditional medicines are often grounded much more in the earth than in the technical realms of science. They utilise specific herbs, compounds, and plants in various combinations and functions for a variety of purposes. Even today, some of these excellent treatments such as moxibustion are not only still being practised, but they have spread all over the world. From the days of ancient China to today, the burning of mugwort for therapeutic purposes has only grown in popularity. If you employ this therapy in your practice, having a quality place to buy moxibustion sticks online is hugely important.

At Needlepro Australia, we endeavour to provide practitioners with the best moxibustion sticks at wholesale prices. We make our decisions on what to stock with the help of the years of knowledge and first-hand product experience of our founder, Sohial Farzam. We don’t only sell moxibustion sticks to Australia, either. In fact, Needlepro provides many of the supplies you may need for your practice, including high quality pain-free needles. Whatever kind of products you need; we won’t just make sure you receive your order quickly ” we guarantee your satisfaction with every order!

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Perhaps one of the most frustrating experiences is running out of an item critical to your practice. When you bulk buy moxibustion sticks from our online shop, however, that concern is no longer a problem. Securing a way to supply the material needs of your therapies frees up your time and energy to focus on more important things, such as deepening your knowledge and learning more about the arts you practice.

Needlepro Australia stocks Korean DongBang moxibustion sticks at competitive wholesale prices, so you can save when you buy from us as well. With the combination of convenience and our founder’s positive experiences with these items, you can buy them with confidence. Made from real mugwort, dried, and crafted into elegant looking sticks, these will burn smoothly and without creating too much of an odour. They are ideal for applying heat to both acupuncture points as well as the body’s channels. We encourage you to contact us if you have any concerns about these products at all; answering your enquiries is our pleasure.

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