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Every year it seems there are new and astounding stories in the media about amazing new breakthroughs in medicine. Advances in disease research, cancer treatment, and other areas are all exciting to hear about and discover. There’s no denying that modern medicine has done much to prolong our lives and makes us more comfortable. Even so, there’s also no denying that more traditional forms of medicine, in use for hundreds or even thousands of years, still has plenty of benefits as well. Whether you’re a physiotherapist who uses needling as a part of your practice or simply an acupuncturist taking clients on your own, having the right needles is essential to practising these forms of therapy.

At the intersection of modern science and traditional medicine are DongBang needles. These superior products deliver a pain-free insertion experience and are very easy to use. Needlepro Australia brings physiotherapists like yourself an easy way to buy DongBang needles online. With bulk buy options available, you can prepare your practice for weeks of patients at a time. Our founder, Sohial Farzam, is an experienced practitioner with hands-on time spent using these very products. Because he found them to be of superior quality and very easy to work with, we’re proud to offer DongBang needles for Australia.

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