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It’s an unfortunate fact of life that as we age, dealing with pain becomes more of a focus in our lives. Whether it is acute pain caused by recent injury or chronic pain caused by one of any number of different factors, finding ways to alleviate the pain and feel better is a common pursuit. While the medical establishment often tends towards prescription drugs and painkillers, many others turn to alternative therapies instead, or in addition to, other medical options. Physiotherapists across Australia employ various methods, from acupuncture to moxibustion, to help treat their patients and aid in improving the health of their body.

Do you find your days frequently filled up with appointments and other activities related to your practice? If so, it can be difficult to stay on top of your inventory. That’s why Needlepro Australia offers a convenient way for practitioners to buy moxa sticks online. Whether you’re seeking traditional sticks or a smokeless option, we have the products for which you are looking. Best of all, all the moxa sticks we wholesale are trusted and used by our founder, an active practitioner and lecturer himself. When you need to save time and stock up on moxa sticks, Australia can trust Needlepro.

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Produced by leading brand DongBang, these wholesale moxa sticks come from Korea and made with an eye towards quality. As such, they burn more evenly, with less pungent smoke, and for longer as well. These features make them ideal for moxibustion therapy, allowing you to distribute the heat evenly over the points on which you are focusing. At 120mm in length, you can expect to get plenty of burning time out of each of the sticks. This burning time makes them ideal for careful and consistent therapeutic use.

At twenty sticks per box, it’s simple to quickly build up a bulk buy order of moxa sticks. Since you know that these same sticks are favoured by trusted practitioners, you can expect to see the same reliable results in your own use. Additionally, for other types of moxibustion, we have products that range from smokeless sticks to moxa meant for application very near or directly on the skin. Please browse our entire catalogue and create your wholesale order now.

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From our founding by Sohial Farzam to now, Needlepro Australia has continually strived to deliver only the best and most trusted products for acupuncturists and physiotherapists. When you choose to order moxa sticks online from us, you will receive an absolute guarantee of quality and satisfaction. If you are at all unhappy with your order, let us know ” we’ll provide a full refund as soon as possible. Just return your empty package to us. However, we hope you’ll find that all our products are exceptional, and at wholesale prices online, an excellent buy! Questions or concerns? Please get in touch. Visit our contact page for more information.