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Acupuncture Point Discussion – Kidney 13 (Door of Infants)

A powerful and often underused acupuncture point, also known as qi hole or qi cave (energy hole or energy cave), is located on the lower abdomen and involves the precise placement of acupuncture needles. This point shares (or carries) the energy of the Chong Mai channel (the blood chamber/uterus channel). As the name ‘door of infants’ suggests, this can be a truly remarkable point to open the channel and influence reproductive organs which may have an impact on conception.

The Kidney in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a foundational role in a human’s life from the time of conception and throughout one’s life. One of the constitutional emotional energies that affect the kidney system is fear. Fear is a heavy and dark emotion and if not resolved (or embraced based on a balanced perception) can stagnate healthy flow of energy, blood and essence in one’s body. Often the name ‘qi cave’ or ‘qi hole’ signifies that once a person is ready to let go of their fears, energy can once again flow on its journey up the kidney channel to receive brightness and heavenly energy to help the possibility of conception whilst allowing one to reach his or her own inspirational strength and integrity. (Lonny Jarrett, The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine).

Such fear can often be held within the body from childhood or any traumatic emotional experience and the intensity of the fear can block any healthy flow or circulation. Do you think traumatic emotions may make it difficult to conceive and be responsible for miscarriages?

What if the body is trying to allow the person to identify that they may not be ready to bring a child to life? The reason for this is that the heart in TCM energetics and channel theory can represent the state of opening the reproductive organs to welcome a pregnancy but the kidney is stated to be responsible for “closing” the organs to ‘hold’ and ‘maintain’ the pregnancy.

So the energy of this acupuncture point can resemble one who has overcome their fears and using this point may indeed empower the body for a healthy conception. It may be a great point to use after the client has invested time and energy in working to let go of unwanted long-term traumatic memories (Lonny Jarrett) and one who is feeling empowered to now be ready to become a mother. This point follows on from Kidney 12 (Great or Bright Manifestation), which signifies the heavenly light (Lonny Jarrett), or energy that has guided the body in one’s quest to reach the fulfilment that comes when one has decided to use their intrinsic power to let go of the imbalanced perceptions of trauma and pain.

With all this in mind, using this acupuncture point may have an impact to help the body for conception and warm the uterus (in cold pathologies or in cases of abuse whereby ones personality has been closed off so there is no warmth or receptivity to others) and serve for better conditions for the conception to take place.

Regards Dr. Sohial Farzam

(Doctor of TCM)

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Reference: Lonny Jarrett, The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine. You can get Lonny’s book here:
Clinical Practice

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