As we all know and have previously discussed in a previous article, Plantar Fasciitis is treated by acupuncture. Those tender motor point areas were identified to help in the treatment of this condition. With the right acupoints focusing on the right areas, our treatments can be more effective.1

One of the most common conditions of heel pain, the tissue running along the sole of our feet are inflamed causing the pain. This tissue extends from heel to toe and supports the arch of our feet which plays a big role when walking. Over time, the tissue wears out and loses elasticity because of the weight or overuse (long standing, prolonged walks, type of shoes, surface you walk on, or increase in activity. Although the pain is gradual, it worsens and can prolong which leads to hindrance of activities such as walking or standing up. 2 Commonly known as first-step pain, this condition often happens at 1 of 10 people.


There were several studies on the application of acupuncture to plantar fasciitis. Three of these studies are compared with standard treatment resulting to significant reduction of pain levels within 4 to 8 weeks of treatment administration. 3 Treatments using acupuncture needles trigger the release of adenosine which promotes blood flow within the heel to the sole, and gives out a strong pain-relieving effect. Acupuncture helps stimulate the healing of tissue by the release of fibroblasts that secrete collagen proteins and in sessions, it releases opioids that are also natural pain killers. Often, one of the trigger points focused on by acupuncture sessions for this condition are the gastrocnemius, soleus and the quadratus plantae. 4

According to the USDVA and the Acupuncture Evidence Project, acupuncture has a positive effect in treating heal pain. The treatment method often includes the association of brain perception towards pain and activities that regulate the pain response. 5

Taking an integrated approach in treating this condition may be beneficial to the person affected by plantar fasciitis to help in the acceleration of pain relief and healing.





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