q 8 Extraordinary Channels that help you master your life

8 Extraordinary Channels that help you master your life!

In the video below, I will tell you how your body has distinct channels that tell your story about your: Identity, purpose, confidence, assertion, culture/religion, bonding, conflicts with your mother or father, self-contentment, past trauma, blame, stance and perspective, emotional imbalances such as anxiety and depression as well as boundaries you create around yourself. If you’re familiar with Jeffrey Yuen’s teachings, then you will enjoy this video. I have integrated the teachings of Jeffrey Yuen on the 8 Extraordinary channels with my understanding of human behaviour and emotional empowerment.

Your body constantly strives to help you master yourself and your life…and here’s how it does it!

Reference: Jeffrey Yuen’s teaching on the 8 Extraordinary Channels.
You can reach Jeffrey’s work here: http://jadepurityfoundation.org/

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